Endurance/Survival 2 Award

Aim: To emphasise the importance of training in self rescue skills before attempting body contact rescue and also the need to attain a high standards of physical fitness. It is also aimed at encouraging candidates to maintain and develop this standard by providing graded levels of achievement within the Award.

Prerequisites: Minimum age of 12 years on date of assessment

Award: Certificate.

Dress: Swimsuit, shirt, shoes, and trousers.

Validity: 2 years

Ratio – Recommended examination ratio 16:1 (Examiner should ensure that safety is paramount)


  • 1,100 metres in total.
  • This award may be examined by an Instructor.

Test Items

  1. Oral test on all aspects of personal safety and survival. Demonstrate H.E.L.P. and HUDDLE (land or water).
  2. Demonstrate entries as specified by the Examiner.
  3. Tread water for a period of 2 minutes and show ability to signal for help, by occasionally lifting one arm up in the air.
  4. Discard footwear and swim 100 metres freestyle.
  5. Disrobe.
  6. 200 metres obstacle swim. A freestyle swim, negotiating eight obstacles, which can be represented by two ropes, 2 metres apart across the swimming lane or as, otherwise indicated. Candidates must clear the ropes underwater without breaking the surface between them. Time not more than 7 minutes
  7. 200 metres swim using a combination of the rescue strokes.
  8. Freestyle swim 600 metres.
  9. During the first 200 metres the candidate must demonstrate ability to submerge safely and pick up two objects off the bottom in a depth of 1.4 metres.


  1. Endurance 2 must be continuous swimming from entry to finish i.e. without touching any support (bottom, sides, etc.)
  2. P.F.D. must be used for correct demonstration of H.E.L.P. and HUDDLE in water.
  3. Items must be examined in order.

N.B Water test items must be done in the order as specified.