Cardiac First Response Community

Aim: To bring IWS Personnel to a higher level of professionalism in the area of Basic Life Support, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Automated External Defibrillation, Choking Response Solutions, Aspirin  administration, Chain of Survival, Critical Incident Stress Management, CFR Report Writing, Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack, Stroke (FAST) Assessment & Definitions of Death.

Theory Level: High

Skill Level: High

Prerequisites: BLS 1-3

Award: Certificate.

Validity: 2 years

Test Items

  1. All skills and knowledge in BLS 1, BLS 2 and BLS 3 (Skill Test Stations) (Skill Sheet)
  2. Stroke (FAST) Assessment
  3. Critical Incident Stress Management
  4. CFR Report Writing
  5. Definitions of Death
  6. Aspirin Administration

Course Registration Form to IWS HQ 14 Days in Advance

Fee Payable to IWS HQ Course Material from

NOTE: Training MANIKINS & AEDs should be used