By becoming a member of Water Safety Ireland (WSI) you can help aid us in our goal to prevent such tragic drowning. You are very welcome to become a member of WSI. Doing so will give you a number of opportunities to help us reduce the number of tragic drownings in Ireland. Education and promotion are key elements to reducing drownings and your membership can take either route or a combination of both.

Instructors / Members / Volunteers 

While we are delighted to welcome new and present volunteers alike, there are a number of new procedures put in place consistent with best practice public health guidelines, which aim to ensure our volunteers and participants get the chance to teach and learn in the safest environment possible. A person assisting in any capacity at a WSI Training Centre (TC) is required to have the following completed:

  1. WSI Membership
  2. Child Protection Training
  3. Garda Vetting for WSI
  4. Sport Ireland Covid-19: Return To Sport E-course
  5. Return To Water Safety Forms
  6. Provided your Training Centre Manager with the information for the Contract Tracing Record Attendance at WSI Activities
  7. Familiarise yourself with the Water Safety Area Committee (WSAC) Rules and Regulations, National Volunteer Policies for Members, National Code of Ethics & Good Practice for Children, and the revised Lifesaving Awards Syllabus 2020.

1) Membership

Apply to become a member of Water Safety Ireland here.

2) Child Protection Training

Completing this mandatory online training provided by Túsla is the first step in completing WSI Child Protection Training. We are circulating this information to provide you with the necessary steps to complete this stage of the training:

Step 1

  • Sign up to “Children First” by visiting
  • Complete the online programme entitled “An Introduction to Children First”
  • Complete the Assessment
  • Receive the certificate of completion
  • If you already have a valid Túsla certificate please send it to the Secretary by emailing

Step 2

  • Save and/or print a copy of your certificate for personal records.
  • Send a copy of your certificate and certificate number to the Secretary of your local WSAC by emailing it to

Step 3

Ensure you are a full member of Water Safety Ireland by visiting:

Step 4

  • Once your Tulsa Training has been completed and processed by your local WSAC, you will receive a link to complete the online Water Safety Ireland child protection training.
  • Complete this training and return your certificate and training number to your WSAC, by emailing it to, to compete the process.

Step 5

Complete! Now you are fully aware of Water Safety Ireland’s Child Protection practices.

3) Garda Vetting

WSI require all prospective members to be Garda Vetted. You can start the process at this link

Unfortunately no information can be exchanged between organisations.  Vetting disclosures from other organisations will not be taken into consideration.

4) Water Safety Ireland Policy

Please familiarise yourself with the following: