Summer Weeks

Want to make the most of your time at the beach this summer? Why not sign up for a Swim & Safety course at one of Cork's beautiful beaches!


€30 - Swims (Seals, Marlins, Orcas)

€40 - Safety Classes

€50 - Rescue Classes
*You may find more info about the syllabus at our education section here

Details to specific locations can be obtained from the Area Contacts e.g. start times, meeting points, etc.

You can find the phone numbers of the Area Contacts below. Young children can participate above the age of 4, once they're comfortable with entering the water. Wetsuits, spare clothes, shoes are needed depending on the course. Googles, towels, a small drink are also recommended.

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*With the ongoing pandemic, there have been changes to the syllabus in relation to social distancing