Summer Weeks

Cork Water Safety Summer Weeks registration will be published in May 2024

2023 information will continue to be published on this site so that participants can become familiar with dates and the registration operating system. 

“A girl I taught in our summer water safety classes used her skills to safely rescue four people. She was just 15 at the time.”

Conall Boyle, Lifeguard & Instructor, County Cork

It’s never too early to learn swimming and lifesaving skills. I started swimming at six and began water safety classes aged eight. As a lifeguard, the lessons I learned have helped me save many lives. As an instructor, I now get to pass those skills on. Water safety classes are available in summer and winter at both coastal and inland locations. They are inexpensive and there are family discounts available. I’d urge anyone to get involved. These are skills that will stay with you for life.

Water Safety Ireland Summer Weeks Classes


  1. These classes are suitable for all ages. From children as young as four to young adults at 19 years of age.
  2. These classes foster a healthy respect for the water rather than an unhealthy fear. As an island nation, our waters are one of our greatest resources. These classes set you up to be able to enjoy them safely.
  3. You’ll learn essential water safety and lifesaving skills.
  4. Classes cover: Rescue skills, survival skills and resuscitation. 
  5. The summer programme averages some 180 courses in 23 counties.
  6. To find a class near you, just click here

Want to make the most of your time at the beach this summer? Why not sign up for a Swim & Safety course at one of Cork’s beautiful beaches!


Registration will be either happening in person or online based on the area you select. 

Online registration – You can make communication via the email provdided and can make a booking via the Google Forms link. (you also need to fill in a hard copy registration form). Forms that are not open yet will be open in due course by the Local Area Contact. 

In-person registration – A venue will be selected with a date and time to make a booking for the courses. Communication with an area contact will be done via a number provided. In addition you will need to bring a filled in hard copy registration form for each participant.

Information left blank will be added in due course. 



2024 Online Registration 

Summer Week Registration Form

Please review the Syllabus before registering on a course 

WSI Syllabus 


€30 – Swims (Seals & Marlins)

€40 – Safety Classes

€50 – Rescue Classes

Payment will be taken in cash and will need to be delivered to the Local Area Contact in a signed sealed envelope.

*You may find more info about the syllabus in our education section here

Details of specific locations can be obtained from the Area Contacts e.g. start times, meeting points, etc.

Young children can participate above the age of 4, once they’re comfortable with entering the water and swimming independtly on their own they will then be able to participate in safety, survival and rescue levels . Wetsuits, spare clothes, and shoes are needed depending on the course. Goggles, towels, and a small drink are also recommended.

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Instructors can you please contact the Local area contact via their email provided or their phone number. 

Summer Weeks Coordinator

Aine O’ Sullivan

I will be your contact if you have any queries about an area information, If you are interested in becoming a local area contact or if you would like to become an instructor

Water Safety Ireland Liason

Alanna Scully

I administer course registration and certificates nationally. I am also often the first point of contact for queries to the office and am happy to assist or help you find who is the right person to help you with your question.

087 060 8543 /